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The Delaware Jr. Blue Hens Youth Travel Hockey Club is looking for a Director of Hockey to provide leadership in the area of Player and Coaching Development.  This individual will be instrumental in leading the club to achieve its goal of developing competitive Tier 2 teams at the AA, A and B levels for all age groups and skill levels, Mites to Midgets.  This will be a compensated part-time position. Compensation will be a combination of salary and bonus incentives.

JBH / UD COVID-Update: Required Information

As a reminder no one will able to use the facility until UD has all their documents. 


Prior to arrival, please fill out the following:

1. Daily Health Screening Assessment - . You will be required to show your results to the ice arena check-in staff upon entering the building. The screening must be completed every day prior to arrival.  If a parent is checking in their player; they will need to show the daily request as well.   

2. Code of Conduct - Each Player, Coach and Manager must complete the Code of Conduct, ; ​​​​​​​

3. Waiver Form - & Coaches ONLY. Under group/organization, please add JBH.  Only those people who are going to be on the ice need to complete the waiver form.  

4. Parking Pass Form for JBH families ONLY - posted below

Additional General Rules:

  • Upon entering the building, everyone must adhere to all signage, traffic flow, and designated zones.

  • Masks must be worn prior to entering the facility and at ALL times inside the facility.

  • Social distancing must be observed at ALL times.   

  • Spectators/parents will not be allowed in the facilities during the initial phase of opening. Skaters/players/coaches/1 team manager only.

JBH Policies and Procedures: 

  • Upon check-in in the lobby of the Fred Rust or Gold Ice Arena, players & coaches will be assigned a designated zone. Players & coaches MUST always remain in their assigned zone when not on the ice. Social distancing must be followed within the arenas.  

  • Players & coaches must remain social distancing in players benches. 

  • Upon completion of the practice, all participants & coaches have 15 minutes to exit the building following the designated exit. 

  • Only one person is allowed in the scorebox area. 

  • All players personal items must be kept in their zones, including water bottles - Water breaks will be scheduled into practices.

  • No locker rooms will be available at this time.

  • Players must come as fully dressed as possible. 

  • There will be no access to office or closet areas to use or store any hockey equipment.

  • All hockey training aids need to be carried in and out. 

  • No second-floor access; including weight room, ballet room, lift area, lounge, spinner. All warm-ups must be completed outside or in your designated zone. 

  • Players need to bring and label their own water bottles, no sharing of water bottles; only water bottle filling stations will be allowed, water fountains will not be accessible. 

  • During the 30-minute breaks in the schedule the staff will clean the facility and designated zone prior to the next schedule sessions.  Everyone needs to exit the facility at this time. Once games begin, breaks might be longer. 



Who are the Jr. Blue Hens?

The Delaware Jr. Blue Hens are a USA Hockey Tier II youth ice hockey club that plays out of the University of Delaware Ice Arenas located in Newark, DE. For the 2020-2021 season, we will field travel teams from Mites (U8) to Midget Major (U18). We are a member of the Delaware Valley Hockey League (DVHL).


  • To educate, promote and encourage the sport of ice hockey;
  • To teach players the fundamentals of ice hockey;
  • To provide players with the highest level of compatible competition consistent with the financial resources of the corporation and its members;
  • To instill in its members and players a sound appreciation of fair play and healthy competition; and
  • To promote sociability and friendship among its members and players.


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JBH Strategic Plan

Click below to learn about JBH's 2019-20 Program Goals and Strategic Plan

JBH Code of Conduct

The Jr. Blue Hens follow the USA Hockey Code of Conduct and DVHL Code of Conduct

DVHL Code of Conduct

and we expect all players, parents and spectators to do the same



A bench minor penalty for unsportsmanlike behavior shall be assessed to any team whose player(s) or team officials bang the boards with a stick or any other object, including skates or arms, at any time, including after a body check regardless as to whether the check was penalized or not.

The spirit and intent of this rule is to eliminate unsportsmanlike behavior that is designed to “taunt” or “intimidate” an opponent through the celebration of an unnecessary or illegal body check.  Simply banging the stick, or other object, against the boards while on the player’s bench is not a penalty.  However, it is deemed to be unsportsmanlike conduct and should be penalized when done as a means of escalating dangerous and/or unnecessary physical play where there is no intent to legally gain possession of the puck. 

The correct procedure to apply this interpretation is to first warn the offending team once after the first violation.  Any further violation of this policy by the same team should be penalized by assessing a bench minor to the team under Rule 601(b)1 & 5.  This bench minor is to be served by a player on the ice at the time of the infraction.  Once this bench minor has been served, any further violations by the same team shall be penalized by assessing a bench minor penalty.

If a bench minor penalty for a violation of this policy is being served and before that bench minor expires another violation by the same team occurs that teams head coach shall be assessed a game misconduct under Rule601(e)1.

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